Darth Angelus' Meditation Chamber

I make Palpatine look like a childrens tv presenter >;)

I'm 25 and currently living near Bath, England having recently finished off a degree in Computer Applications.

For as long as I can remember my favourite films have been the Star Wars trilogy. When I started seeing the fanfilms that people were making, I of course wanted to have a go but lacked enough willing friends to make that possible so I turned to animation to produce my first masterpiece...ok maybe not ;)

I was proud of the result but I didn't really enjoy producing it, which is how I returned to machinima (it just seemed right, since the early 90s I've been interested in modiying games so that came in very handy) for my next project Consanguinity and that's how I became part of the community.

I'm currently working on an original science fiction project called Chronicles of Humanity, which having realised how much work it's going to involve, I must be out of my mind ;)

It'll be worth it though.

I also killed Jar Jar Binks. Proof!

If you're still reading this and want to see my videos, here are some places you can find them:


My Splashcast channel

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