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Been awhile

I haven't posted anything here for ages, so it's about time that I did. Actually, I'm going to break down what I've been upto into several posts, to spread things out a bit.

So the big thing is Chronicles of Humanity is complete and if you've not seen the trailer already, you can find it here.

That's just a temporary site for now, there will be a relaunch early next month with episodes coming soon after.

In addition to that, I have created a prologue comic which sets the stage for the series. I'll be posting that online between the site going live and the first episode. It was a rather fun experience so I expect I'll produce more comics as time goes on.

And finally, I have a professional looking DVD of the series AND I had the comic printed at Lulu, which arrived today. Very excited by all this and looking forward to sharing it soon.

Tags: chronicles of humanity, comics, dvd, machinima, moviestorm, writing
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