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Doctor Who Experience

Last thursday I went to one of the preview days for the Doctor Who Experience in London.

It's basically a Doctor Who themed museum, lots of props and costumes on display, just like the one in Cardiff. Only this time, much bigger and more to see.

Not only that but there's also a Doctor Who adventure you walk through, which has specially filmed video of Matt Smith as The Doctor. You get attacked by Daleks, Weeping Angels and get to go inside the Tardis. No photos were allowed in that part, so I didn't take any but I have plenty of the props and such.

The real highlight has to be seeing the actual Tardis set from the RTD years. They didn't destroy it afterall!

Had to go dressed up :)

Panoramic view of the Tardis set.

The Fifth Doctor's Tardis. The console was real, the walls replicas.

The new Daleks are massive compared to the older designs.

Met the Face of Boe.
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